Maltese Puppy Supplies & Tips

Puppy Care and Supplies

We recommend the following items to help take the best care of your precious puppy. Puppies need a safe place to be when not under your direct supervision. They also need a warm cozy place to sleep and learn to use the potty pads.

You will need 2 stainless steel food dishes. We also use a water bottle feeder. You will also need a soft and cozy washable pet bed. I suggest 2 so one is ready at all times.

Suggested Puppy Supplies

I have a few items I recommend for Maltese puppies. I have gathered them for your convenience in one place. I strongly recommend the human grade FOOD and vitamins for any toy breed. Also to make the transition easier for you and your puppy, I recommend using an ex pen for the first month until your puppy is completely pad trained. It is also a great way to contain your puppy during your absence.

  • Puppy pen- Solid and safe, this will be the only pen your pup will need. Folds conveniently. Can be used outdoors or indoors.
  • Safe gentle heat to comfort your little one. Safety chew proof cord.
  • Waterproof pen liner 48 x 60
  • Wee pads
  • Food Dish
  • Pet Beds- Safe to place on top of the heated pad.
  • Puppy Chews

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