Puppy Grooming

Our puppies are groomed starting at a young age. They are accustomed to handling,bathing, nail trimming, blow drying, brushing, etc. It is important from a young age to gain your puppy’s trust and to be trained to accept grooming needs. This is a high maintenance breed that must be shaved regularly is not kept in full coat.

If a puppy is not trained in this manner, it can be a frightening ordeal for the puppy and cause I’d frustration for you or your groomer.

Always handle your puppy’s paws teeth and ears to get them acquainted with grooming. Be confident in your approach and always firmly secure your puppy to avoid accidents.


Preparing for a new puppy

There are tremendous variations on how each breeder will recommend how to safely acclimate your new puppy to your home. It doesn’t mean one way is wrong, and another is right, they may just be different. It does really depend on the breed. The smaller dogs need more consideration. I recommend using and exercise pen… Continue Reading

Grooming Your Maltese’s Coat

One option for Maltese owners is to keep their hair long, and this would mean that extra grooming! Here are some great tips to help your puppy keep their lustrous coat. The first thing to know is that if you want to keep your puppy’s hair long, you will want to brush it every day.… Continue Reading

Tips for Bringing Home a New Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy can be extremely exciting! Everyone wants to play with them and help them learn their way around the house. However, in order to make the whole transition as smooth as possible there are a couple things that should be in their place first. Preparing for Puppy There are some things… Continue Reading