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AKC Maltese Puppies & Dogs For Sale

Welcome to Silverbrook Maltese! I have worked hard on my breeding program adding dogs from several countries to improve my bloodlines. I am very happy with the results but of course there is always room for improvement. My intentions are always to breed am more healthy and sound dog in compliance with the AKC Breed Standards. I strive to acquire the bloodlines that compliment my own. That has included importing dogs worldwide  I constantly research for the latest information, safest products, most chemical free food, treats and grooming supplies possible. The Silverbrook Puppies are raised holistically with human grade foods and supplements.

We enthusiastically support Dr Jean Dodds NEW vaccine protocol and agree that limited immunizations are healthiest for your pet. Auto immune disrorders are on the rise and over use or indiscriminate use of unnecessary vaccines may be the cause. Do your due diligence when contemplating adding a new pet to your home for the latest information,

I am a hobby breeder of Maltese Show dogs and Maltese puppies located in the Mercer Pennsylvania. I fell in love with the Maltese breed when I met my first Maltese puppy in 1985. I became actively involved in showing and breeding in 2006. I have been fortunate enough to acquire a group of very nice Maltese dogs for my breeding program.

I breed for conformation of the AKC Breed Standard, health and beautiful baby doll faces. I offer breed standard puppies weighing 4 to 7 pounds.

Each breeding is carefully planned selecting the dogs that compliment each other most. I am very happy with the results but will always strive to do better. I do offer pet quality and show quality Maltese puppies for adoption as pets. Please review my Puppies For Sale Page.

Silverbrook Maltese offers you healthy, socialized, quality Maltese puppies at the minimum age of 12 to 14 weeks. All pets are sold with a limited (non breeding) AKC registration. I offer show potential puppies for show breeders on occasion. Our Maltese puppies are raised in a family environment with all the activities associated within a busy home. They trained to use potty pads. This will be a work in progress because all dogs will need to be re-trained when going to a new home.

We offer a one year genetic health guarantee and life long support. My dogs live in my home and handled daily, loved and cared for with pride.

Maltese ownership is very rewarding . You must have time to devote to their grooming needs, as well as financial ability to provide quality veterinarian care and proper nutrition. They in turn give back devoted love, affection, playfulness and intelligence that is the epitome of a great pet.

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